The Harriet Quimby Scrapbook  by Giacinta Bradley Koontz

The first complete biography of Harriet Quimby

Dozens of never-before published Quimby photographs

Over 150 vintage newspaper clips

The Life of America's first Birdwoman (1875-1912)
By Giacinta Bradley Koontz

209 pp, Soft Cover

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Read the Reviews:

Going through your book is like going through a 3D movie of an historical period full of fascinating people. It is an experience unlike what I have had with most books previously, and probably subsequently as well! You have done an extraordinary job and I hope you do very well with the book.
Leonard E. Opdycke
WWI Wero and Skyways magazines
New York

. . .Harriet's journalism is crisp and confident. Her own work, the other cuttings, and the modern author's two-page introduction to each chapter, provide a social documentary of the times as much as a thorough picture of the pilot.
Tony French [review]
Pilot Magazine

Hi Gia! . . .I am digesting every word (urp!) To me this stuff is meat and drink.
John Underwood
Aviation historian/author

My colleagues were amazed about the great research you did on Harriet Quimby. . .this copy will become part of our "Women in Aviation" library.
Sebastian Menzel
Zeppelin Museum

It was exciting for my family and for me to be involved in this wonderful project. Congratulations on a job well done!
Bill Church [contributor of several Quimby photographs]
New York

The book is a great concept carried to fulfillment. The inclusion of the news clippings, advertisement and other memorabilia is masterful. And the extent to which you were able to find material on Quimby remarkable. Congratulations!
Doris Rich [aviation historian/author, Smithsonian Press]
Washington, D.C.

I have read it [the book] two or three times already and I am so pleased to have a comprehensive piece that combines family docs, articles about her [Quimby] and her writings in one place! I was floored by the photos and glad to read new pieces of info that I did not know.
Monica Batac [former HQRC participant]

…I'm amazed at the amount of research you've done. . .I was reminded that her [Harriet's] total flying experiences lasted about a year, between 1911 and 1912. . .she had an amazing life outside of flying, especially for a woman of her time, including writing, theatre and travel. She must have had a great amount of energy!
Mark Dyott [son of George Dyott, pioneer aviator]

We thoroughly enjoyed your book. . .My family are relatives of Harriet. Harriet's father, William, was related to my husband. . . We have quite a number of cousins who would be interested in purchasing this book. . .
Mary Quimby

. . .[Harriet's story has] everything. . .a beautiful, charismatic, talented, smart leading character, and she leads her life in the proverbial fish-out-of-water world, the world of men, in a time of men. Not to mention that the story is true, and it's about an historically important figure at that. I guess what I love the most is that you've discovered this piece of American history that wasn't [well] known until you literally "wrote the book". . . I have great faith in this story as a movie.
Michael Bershad [Producer]

Your book is great. It shows a lot of detailed research and scrounging.
George Crabtree [small-model aircraft builder]

. . .you have conveyed a sense of closeness to Harriet that evades most others.
Norman Hawk

. . .Let me add my pleasure on your focus. . .I sincerely believe that aviation history (perhaps any history) should focus, in sequence, on people, events and artifacts. The trouble with aviation history is that most institutions have their focus in totally the reverse order – machines, events, people. . .thanks to you and your multi-year focus on Harriet Quimby.
Colin Green
Aviation Historian/author